About Us

We are a thriving boutique agency offering representation to writers of all levels. We also find quality writers who may be overlooked, under-trained, or underdeveloped and hope to prep them for prime time.


Ed Silver

Prior to his 12 year career as the President of SB Agency, Ed Silver spent 35 years in Beverly Hills as an Entertainment Business Manager.

His stellar client list included among others such top tier talent and creators as actors Lee Marvin, Claude Akins, James Coburn, Frederic Forrest, and Robert Blake: music groups and musicians such as Toto and The Tubes, Deke Richards, Marty Paich and David Paich: directors and producers William Castle and Ernest Frankel; Meyer Miskhin and the Mishkin Agency, Inc. and screenwriters Jimmy Sangster and E Arthur Kean.

As a literary agent some notable clients and successes have been Keith Richardson, Jason King, Doni Tamblyn, John Montgomey, Dr. Arthur Janove and Joyce Bueker.


Babz Bitela

New York born, award winning author Barbara joined Ed Silver as Vice President in April 2007, and has been a musician for more than thirty years, and has experienced a variety of successes in the much of what the music business had to offer.

She has three novels in print, Severe Tire Damage: Story of a Rock Singer, Full Moon Morning: A Shanghai Survivor’s Story, and The Art of Regifting which is touted as the stocking stuffer for ‘gifters’ and ‘regifters’ alike.

Barbara has an extensive background in corporate public relations, literally dozens of her press releases appeared in magazines like The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and the magazine section of the Los Angeles Times.